Better business apps

Key Personnel

Mike Clucas

Mike Clucas (CEO, head of R&D)

Mike's involvement with the web and multimedia dates back to the Nintendo platform in the 80's, where he worked as a designer for a major games company. An interest in sports marketing (Mike was a professional cyclist) took him into the ad industry in the late 90's; from there he moved to Adroit as Creative Director in 1999.

He was one of the founders of Bizar when it spun out of Adroit in 2000 to develop its successful Bizar Shop application. Mike is a driving force behind our company philosophy that every project we undertake strives to achieve technical excellence, outstanding usability and great design.

Mike is becoming a respected authority on mobile innovation and development. He has contributed to newspapers in Australia and the US, and also has a long history of public speaking. Mike has also recently lectured masters students at RMIT.

Superhero Power:
To find humour in any situation, however confronting

His Kryptonite:
Political Correctness

Cycling. Given that Mike came to Australia as a professional rider, its no wonder one of his bikes, or pieces of it, can be spotted around the office on a daily basis.

Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher (COO)

Not so long ago, Greg was working for IBM managing large development teams. However, he prefers the pace, excitement and sense of achievement that comes with working at the cutting edge of mobile technology. Greg loves apps, we can't put it simpler than that. Having Greg involved with your project means that you've tapped into a mixture of passion and experience that's difficult to match.

Superhero Power:
Cutting through the clutter to find what really needs to be done

His Kryptonite:
Gets distracted by shiny objects, particularly ones with an Apple logo on them!

Checking out the latest apps, enjoying a good beer with friends.